About Rolfing®

Ida RolfRolfing® Structural Integration

Rolfing structural Integration is a scientifically validated form of hands on manipulation and movement education that intends to systematically unwind and reorganize the connective tissues called fascia to release, realign and balance the body as a whole.

Rolfing was developed over 50 years ago and received its name from Dr. Ida P. Rolf who received her Ph.D in Biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920. Her interest in alternative healing lead her to explore homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic and yoga where her development of this work began. Her main goals were to organize the human bodily structure in relation to gravity, which in turn would allow the body’s energy’s to flow and then spontaneously the body would begin to heal it’s self allowing the person to go through life with flow and ease and be more of who they are.

As life happens things change. We get taller then as a result of gravity we get shorter. We love, then we lose and have heart ache. We succeed, then we fail. We trust, then we are mislead. We are physically injured then we recover. When our bodies are stressed whether it be from an injury an accident or chronic emotional stress our bodies contract. If the stress persists our bodies begin to lay down layers of fascia (connective tissue) to support the strain placed on the body. Over time this has our bodies form to the shape we are habitually sustaining; slouched shoulders, the head and neck reaching forward creating a dowager’s hump, then eventually a lesser range of motion throughout our joints and muscles.

Rolfing structural integration can help slow down, lessen and in someways reverse the compounding effects of aging. When the continual pull of gravity and the stress of daily activities and physical injuries pull our bodies out of alignment the fascia gradually shortens, tightens and accommodates the misalignment. When the body is out of alignment it creates inefficiency and imbalance resulting in stiffness, discomfort and loss of energy.

When the body is aligned and balanced it moves with greater ease, less energy is needed to function, posture becomes effortless, breathing becomes easier, the body becomes more flexible and coordinated and overall physical performance improves.

In conclusion, Rolfing is a wholistic form of healing which through a 10 session series addresses the whole body on a cellular level releasing old patterns and trauma which can profoundly impact the body mind and spirit as a whole.