Wynona working on male Rolfing client

I have had a chronic issue with my lower back/hip areas for over ten years.  It was very painful, debilitating and was impacting my quality of life.  I consistently received chiropractic, acupuncture and physio to treat it which did provide some interim relief but the pain always came back.

I was resigned to the fact that I would have to live with it and adapt as best as I could.  The pain was increasing and it was impacting my mobility and my desire to move, I was in a vicious cycle – if I didn’t move I knew it was going to get worse.

I had no idea what Rolfing was but I figured I had nothing to lose to try it.  My first Rolfing session it was clear to me it was going to get to the root of my problem.  I was able to move more freely after my first session, it was so exciting!  I was so relieved that I found something to address what was going on in my body and that I wouldn’t have to live with the pain that I knew would get worse.

After my fourth session, I realized that I had no pain!  It was incredible!  I was very excited, it was like I got my body back.

I would highly recommend trying Rolfing – the only thing you will lose is your pain!

~ Gloria Chojnacki, Victoria BC

Wynona gave my body the kind of peace and movement that I have been lacking.  Especially for a person with Scoliosis (a painful curvature of the spine) I need all the help I can get to attain comfort.  Her powerful hands and healing spirit are a true gift to the Rolfing world!  I hope you enjoy the new you as much as I did.

~ Brandy Drummond, Victoria BC

After 10 months of suffering with a quad injury in both legs, I was at my wit’s end having tried physiotherapy and massage, and then a friend suggested I see Wynona for a Rolfing treatment to see if that made a difference. What I started to notice was the treatments were moving energy in areas of my body and I started to sleep better and just generally move better. The energy moved mentally, physically and especially emotionally. It was a very trying time with the injury and thanks to the treatments with Wynona, I was able to let go of some of the emotions attached to it.

~ Rita Chand, Victoria BC

I am 35 and I am a member of the Canadian Forces who for 16 years has maintained a high level of physical activity.  When I reached the age of 30 I was starting to complain of a constant numbing ache in my right hip during my weekly 10km runs in the woods.  I was unable to get any relief from Physiotherapists  and chiropractics and was told it was arthritis and I would have to live with it,  so I did for a couple of years until my fiancee (who had chronic neck and back pain) suggested I try Rolfing, as it has to this day alleviated all her symptoms.

From the sessions with Wynona she was able to re-align the musculature around my right hip and bring it back in proper alignment, which in turn has brought back the “enjoyment” I was missing out on as a result of all the pain I was suffering during my runs.  It has been 1 year and the hip pain is still gone. I am currently signed up for the “10 Series” as I have been allotted the time ashore to do so and am excitedly looking forward to having Wynona deconstruct me and flush out all the old injuries and reconstruct me in the way that nature intended.  I am a firm believer that our bodies are the sum of our injuries and until someone works on it as a whole instead of just the injured area we never fully recover.

I am a male who keeps to himself and could be classified as an introvert.  At first I was leery of having someone work on my body, or analyse me, but Wynona’s sunny disposition and caring demeanor immediately had me at ease.  She seems to have an ability to sense out abnormalities I was unable to accurately communicate with her as my knowledge of my body is quite limited, her knowledge however was profound.  I have come away from each session rejuvenated with mobility in places where mobility was greatly inhibited in the past.

I highly recommend Wynona as a trustworthy, caring and skilled Rolfer, who has done wonders for me and my body.  I am excitedly awaiting the “10 series” and will report back when it is complete.

~ Clinton Mack, Victoria BC

My name is Chris Walther, and I recently completed a 10 session Rolfing treatment with Wynona Wensley as she completed her studies at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I am a 67 year old working General Contractor, as well as an avid hiker and non technical mountain climber. I went thru a similar Rolfing program at the Institute some six years ago, and just felt that it was time for another tune up.  Wynona and I established a great working relationship right away, and as we went through the very first session I could tell that she was a very skilled practitioner. The structural changes I experienced became apparent within the first few sessions. The work, which I describe as interactive, was hard, but I remembered that from my previous experience, and I became a willing participant! I am very pleased with the results of the journey we took together, and I would highly recommend her as a person with great skill, dedication and, I must add, humor!

~ Chris Walther,  Boulder  CO

My experience with Rolfing for the first time and most of all, Wynona, was very positive and I encourage others to try it.  I had persistent neck and shoulder pain for over a year before I had my first treatment with Wynona.  I had spent significant time and money on chiropractors and massage therapists, and pain killers.   It was really starting to affect my life.  Wynona helped me identify muscle tightness that contributed to the pain, areas which had not been addressed by my massage therapist.  I had one treatment with Wynona and felt substantially better.    And the pain stayed away for much longer.  I have now had 3 Rolfing treatments and look forward to the benefits that the full series will provide for me.

~ Christine Bennett, Victoria BC